Hi! I'm Ben. It's October - which I'm realizing is sort of a questionable time to start any sort of garden-related enterprise - regardless: it's the first month that I'm going to be collecting and sending out seeds for Arcadia Seed Co.

The general idea is to ship out 5 packets of seeds (and some info) on the 1st of every month, year-round. And to send out stuff that really prompts new experiences, which is something that both beginners and folks with experience can enjoy - each shipment is gonna have a wide, interesting variety of edible plants, one plant that's weird and somewhat exotic, info on germination gathered from a bunch of sources, and some illustrated instructions on a specific method of container gardening, irrigation, propagation, etc.

Some stuff I want to do with Arcadia Seed Co:

  • Emphasize growing stuff year round. Overwintering stuff. Growing indoors. And by extension, make sure we send things shortly before the best time to plant it so you're never getting a late start.
  • Focus on variety, sending plants you may not have grown before.
  • Make it a good value, like if you ordered all these individually it would have been about the same cost, or more.
  • Be as eco-friendly as a mail-order company can be. If not at first, then eventually I want all the paper products to be made from recycled material (and then hopefully go into your compost) and I'd love to carbon offset the shipping.
  • Respect the fact that y'all aren't dummies - for the germination instructions and illustrated growing method instructions, I want those to be really well researched and well presented pieces. And they should come from several sources, but rather than an average, they should maintain the original content and present different viewpoints. 
  • Get feedback. Maybe nobody really cares about 80% of the plants being edible. Maybe we gotta send out different seeds for different zones. Looking to do more of what people are interested in.
  • Build community - which is something I feel like has to kind of just "happen", I can't really coax it along as a single person, but maybe we'll all end up bonding over our failed attempts at germinating palm trees? hashtag-arcadia-seed-co.

Thanks for the support, and I'm excited to see where this goes!


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